Touched By An Angel Episode help!!!!

Looking for a Touched By An Angel episode that I can not rememeber the name of.  All I remember is there was a little girl who was holding a red cup and the guy was demanding that she drink it.  At the last possible moment, Andrew (I think it was Andrew!)  and someone else comes charging through the door, knocking the cup to the floor.  The guy tried to attack Andrew and tried to hit Andrew with a baseball bat, but Andrew grabs it and then smashes it or something.  Can anyone help!!!!

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  1. Here is the entire scene in quoted in the ‘Did You Know’ section of the page that I posted in my answer:

    Sarah Radcliff: [in the home of an internet sex predator] OK, I’d better go.

    Dean: [Grabs her arm] No, you need to finish your drink.

    Sarah Radcliff: Dan, please! What are you doing? Stop!

    Dean: I’m not going to hurt you…

    Charlie Radcliff: [Andrew and Charlie break through the door] Get away from him, Sarah!

    Dean: Hey, I’m not doing nothing!

    Andrew: You got that right!

    Andrew: [Dean grabs a bat and swings at Andrew, who ducks. He swings again and Andrew merely grabs it] Sit down.

    Dean: You can’t just bust in here.

    Andrew: [Takes the bat by the handle and smashes the computer] Sit down.

    1. Awesome, thank you so much! Loved Andrew in that scene. In “Two Sides to Every Angel” Andrew says “Why is it I only get to help afterwards? Why can’t I do my job beforehand?” I was hoping I remembered correctly that it was Andrew that came rushing in, and was not disappointed to see him finally able to take out his anger before the bad things happened. Thank you for the assistance. Think I’m gonna go watch it a few more times!

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