“Time repeats” movie

I watched this 10 years ago or so, and it was in English and in color.

Here’s the beginning:

A guy wakes up in the morning and he’s already late. He grabs the car keys, runs out but sees the meter lady writing a ticket. He argues with her that it’s only been a minute over, but that doesn’t go anywhere. He finally drives off and in some short time gets hit by a truck and dies.

But then he wakes up, events start to repeat, eventually he learns to abandon the car and bike instead. Trying to catch a cab, he witnesses a woman dying from a severe peanut allergy.

So in the next “incarnation”, he saves her by preventing her from buying the peanut containing snack from a hot dog cart in the park.

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  1. That is the second time in as many days something has been mysteriously marked solved. Are gremlins active?

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