Thriller movie from early 90’s – serial killer in a hospital


I remember some scenes about my 1st thriller when I was 7/8 but I have no idea about the title of the movie. It is an English movie from early 90’s.

The scene was in an hospital where a woman was investigating some random deaths that were happening there. At the end she found out that was a doctor/nurse that was killing patients with the wrong medication/overdose. I remember this scene where she was running away from him in the hospital. She got to the morgue when they had like “tanks” with the corpses in individual tanks and she hid under the corpses for him not to find her.

I think the actress had short brown hair.

I have another scene in my mind but I can’t tell whether belongs to the same movie or another one that I watched by that time. It was a movie with a serial killer as well. The guy killed her bestfriend, cut her in pieces and put her inside the fridge. I remember she visiting her friend at her house and seeing the scene.

I really would like to find this movie because I love horror/thrillers and this was my 1st one. I was very young by this time so I have no idea about the actors too.



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