thriller movie


it is a 2000s thriller movie.i remember a girl maybe was lost in a forest or village,next to the river? then she saw a well mannnered and kind old man.he invites her into his home where he lives with his wife.the girl sleeps at their home. in the midnight when she went to the kitchen she saw the old woman(the Man’s Wife) was somehow sick and her hair looked burned or maybe she had alopecia so the other times she was always wearing wigs.she started peeing herself and she looked crazy and idk maybe she wanted to attack the girl. man came and took his wife away and apologized for his wife’s sickness and behaviour.the next day i guess they tied her up to the chair and poured boiling coffee into her mouth. when the police was looking for the girl and knocked at the door the old woman went to open the door and she said she didnt see the girl so the police officers went.old woman made the girl to pun on a wedding dress and forced her into having sex with a tied up guy.
then somehow the girl killed them and escaped the home but she was pregnant from the guy. she took the guy’s necklace which was bloody and washed it into the river.

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