Thriller in a garage

Good evening!

I’m looking for one movie, it was released before 2009 (because I watched it in 2009).
The plot is a horror or a thriller or both.

I remember some fragments and details of the plot:
The main character found an ad that was an invitation to a certain meeting of strangers.
Next, he came in a dog costume (or, rather, in makeup) to a certain hangar or garage, where the meeting took place.
There were 4 people at the meeting, probably all in suits.
As far as I remember, at first there was a peaceful conversation, then tension began to build between the participants of the meeting.
Then I remember how some guy got drunk, poured gasoline on himself and committed self-incineration.
I also remember that the main character ran away from someone and hid between the shelves that were in the same room.

Somehow, I hope someone also watched this movie.

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