I know this whole movie bc I just watched it…

…I just cannot remember the name, but I thought it had a power name like Enemy of the State, something like that.

It’s a formulaic US action thriller. The hero is black, I believe the character is Eric. He’s married, he stole his wife from his brother, who’s still in a gang selling drugs back in the ‘hood. He’s just come back from some special ops mission, so secret that he’s in witness protection, or changed identity, that sort of thing. He and his team are in contact with each other thru “dark” mobile phones, but they start getting killed, someone is leaking their new identities and hidden locations. Actor unknown, I did not recognize him.

There’s a CIA? handler, she’s a white female. She’s the only one who knows the whereabouts of the whole team. As she investigates the murders, she gets killed in Paris? by the real mole who knew she was getting close. I thought she might have been Meryl Streep or that woman who played Karen hayes in 24, but I checked their bios and I don’t think so.

Hero goes to the only place he can hide and feel safe, back to the ‘hood, where he gets into a beef with his brother about leaving the ‘hood to do patriotic things and for stealing his GF, now his wife. The brother agrees to harbor them, Eric leaves her there to find out what’s going on. One of his team apparently stole something of value from the ME during the last op, and the owner wants it back. Forgot what it was, codes to something?

The team member is becoming problematic to find because he has the same ability to just disappear, they’re all using drop phones. I think there was an arrangement to trade the package but it fell thru.

Back in the ‘hood the new GF of the brother is very jealous the old flame is there, and that the brother is still in love. She sells him out to another rival gang who tries to kill him during a drug deal. He survives.

At the end it’s revealed that the mole is the father of an up and coming presidential? candidate, who sold out the special ops team for ???. The son finds out, and withdraws? from the campaign, he cannot live with the guilt of it all.


3 thoughts on “I know this whole movie bc I just watched it…

    1. Yes that’s it!

      I must’ve marathoned it because I could swear it was all one movie, yet it was 12 episodes.

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