Thriller from the 70’s a man is in a mirror and trying to capture a boy for forced labor

I saw a 1970’s thriller movie about a man who appears in the mirror and grabs a boy to bring him into a place where boys are forced intto labor. The boy tries to escape the man and then once seen as he’s holding onto something, the man throws an ax at the boys hand and chops it off. The boy escapes but the man takes the hand, the movie ended where the boy escaped and he was with his brother and his brothers wife. Now the boys in his room and as he looks in the mirror, he sees the man hanging on the wall as if it were a cool jacket on a hook. The man called out to him and said, “Boy!”  And then the man just grabbed the boy took them in the mirror, and now you see the boy walking in single file with other boys and it look like they were caring backpacks. The movie was really scary I just don’t remember the title.

10 thoughts on “Thriller from the 70’s a man is in a mirror and trying to capture a boy for forced labor

  1. I saw blood and lice but it wasn’t the one I’m thinking about. It was about a creepy ghost that appeared in the mirror and kept stalking the boy through the mirror. And he finally grab him from the mirror and took him into his parallel universe through the mirror. Blood and lace was a good movie too. I remember it vividly! Thanks for showing me this one because I forgot about it.

    1. Aww, darn! Oh well, the rest of it does sound like Phantasm (1979), but I don’t remember an axe scene in that one. The Tall Man does lose some fingers though.

  2. I am so sorry I owe you an apology! I just went back on Google to look up phantasm, and that’s the movie. I don’t know what scene I saw where a guy threw an ax and chopped off the kids hands it could be one that confused with this one. I am so sorry to drive you crazy mystery is solved once again! You are a movie guru!

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