Three boys steal a truck and…

Hey! How are you? I’m not doing too hot myself. Wanna know why?

So I’m looking for this movie where, essentially, a boy in love with this girl accidentally kills someone from her family. I think it was her brother, but it was definitely a male, and he seemed to have some high position in the military, if I remember correctly (this could be wrong). But anyway, it’s set in this small town in the 2010’s (once again, pretty sure), and it’s like suburbia but with a lot of trees and long roads without streetlamps. And I remember there being a lone convenience store–if that helps. Anyways, the boy, who had been living there all his life, meets this girl, who is new to town, while riding his bike through the woods in the middle of the day. They seem to hit it off and begin to fall in love, you know, the way tweens do. Also, I think the girl was a brunette. He might have been too. Not totally sure, but I’m pretty sure she was a brunette at least. Helpful, I know. Moving on, the boy gets into a fight and gets blood on his face, and the girl helps him clean up in her kitchen. I think she offers him orange juice and/or apple juice to drink. Cute. So they continue falling in love and blah blah blah. Then, the real things begin to happen. So, this boy has two friends, and he and his friends are quite the troublemakers. And they love to tease the main boy for having a crush on New Girl. So he begins to ditch New Girl a little bit to fit in with his friends. Rude, right? However, I do remember him and his one true love, none other than New Girl, watching fireworks with their families on the Fourth of July. Could be wrong but seems vaguely familiar. Also a fight during the fireworks seems familiar, but IDK! Anyway, the ringleader of that preteen friend group I told you about earlier gets the wildly brilliant idea to steal his dad’s truck and go for a little joyride around his neighborhood with his friends. That ends badly. Of course. These guys end up hitting New Girl’s brother’s (we’ll call him brother, but it could be another male relative) car, panicking, and leaving him to die at the urging of the ringleader–desperate not to get in trouble. Naturally, this results in a fight in the boys’ treehouse (yeah, they have a treehouse), and both guys abandon their beloved leader, despite their ringleader’s attempts to embarrass them by calling them wimps. I think the ringleader boy ends up apologizing, but we aren’t there yet. First, there’s a funeral, and the main boy feels really bad (considering he was an accessory to the crime and all), but he doesn’t tell the girl he has a crush on (remember New Girl?) that he was there. Ok. Then flash forward to when he does end up telling her. I forgot what happens between there. He tells her, she rightfully gets mad. I remember a fight outside of that quaint little convenience store mentioned earlier. I don’t ever think she really forgives him because at the end of the movie, it turns out that he was telling that whole crazy story to his son, who–surprisingly–he names after the guy who he killed! Kinda nice. But he had a different wife, so maybe things didn’t work out between main boy and Nice Girl. Welp. Guess that sort of thing happens. Anyway, to answer some other questions, it was in color, it was in English, and I remember watching it on TV (On Demand, to be specific). I have been absolutely driving myself crazy this past few days trying to find this movie. All of my friends can attest to that fact. And if you find this movie, you too can be my best friend! Appreciate any help that is given, and thanks for reading this monologue 🙂 peace xx

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