This One Might Sound Weird, But I Need Help Finding It

Okay, so this movie, in particular, I had once watched off of someone else’s tablet while on the subway (don’t hate me for snooping), so I must have caught this portion of the movie about maybe halfway through, or almost halfway until the person got off the train. Thankfully, the person had the subtitles on so please bear with me:

In this movie, there was a group of young adults (maybe college age, or possibly portraying as teens?) who were staying at this big house/mansion (I don’t know who owned it). In this one particular scene, the group was partying and getting drunk, especially this one guy, – ginger hair, white male, big nose – who went by the name of either Rubin or Rufus (or something along the lines of that).

While the group was getting wasted, one girl (I forgot the name; it had to have been something “classy,” like Charlotte or Isabelle) came into a sort of trance (I figured this out later) and wandered outside, leading her into a forest behind the house in the middle of the night.

Eventually, the ginger-haired guy (I’ll just stick with Rufus for now) was so wasted and he wandered outside too. No, he didn’t see the girl, but he walked onto the grass and stepped in something with his bare feet; it was poop. Rufus became a mix of freaked out and angry, obviously feeling disgusted about the poo and fell to the ground. He noticed a figure on the ground as well and recognized it as a chihuahua – the dog may have been a part of the film earlier, but judging on Rufus’ emotions towards it (other than the fact that he was drunk) led me to believe that he must have despised the chihuahua from the beginning.

Rufus angrily picked up the dog and started yelling at it, when suddenly another friend – a blonde girl wearing a pink tracksuit – came outside and was horrified by what she saw. It was not, in fact, because of the way Rufus was acting towards the chihuahua, but because she noticed something that he did not at first; he was holding only the head of the dog (Yeah, that’s right. The dog had been DECAPITATED!). The girl freaked out and when Rufus saw only the head and no body attached, he started screaming too.

Their screams alerted everyone from inside to come out and see what was going on. No one could understand who – or what – could have possibly done this. They went back inside, one of the guys in the group taking the blonde girl in his arms to comfort her, and eventually letting her rest in her room.

Meanwhile, remember the other girl? Yep, well she is getting herself lost in the woods, I think possibly being chased by something. Eventually, she starts to make a run for it. It was difficult to know for sure with no audio.

Finally, after the blonde girl is put to bed in her room, everyone realizes that their friend is missing. They decide to split up and search for her, everyone going off in pairs. Two of the guys go outside and I [believe] hear something come from the garden shed (meanwhile, of course, I am standing there on the subway, screaming from the inside going, “WRONG WAY YOU IDIOTS!”). They find another person in the shed, and I cannot say for sure if the group knew him, but the others are still inside looking for the girl.

That, unfortunately, my friends, was when the person who owned the tablet displaying this film (could have been a TV show too) got off the train :(. I know, I really wanted to know more, but sadly I am stuck with only the info I have given you guys. I didn’t recognize the actors, but this definitely had to have been made within the 2010s, based off of the camera/picture quality. Even though the person had used subtitles, I would still suggest that the actors spoke English; by the way the characters were dressed, there is the chance the film was made in the United Kingdom, but again, since I didn’t have access to audio, it could be American/Canadian.

This is the best I have to go on so I hope someone out there recognizes this and hope to hear from someone soon!

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