this movie contains a monster, know the movies name?

so first of all this was a very old movie . i watched this as a child do i don’t remember how long ago this was . so this is the brief story of what i recall

so theres this team of researchers (or explorers not sure ) and they go in this cave or something underground amd there are like giant rock pillars their shape is random like just rocks that reach up t the ceiling and theres one pillar that has like a gaping hole which was supposed to be where a monster of some sort was in

(after this i only remember like bits of scenes )

the people are in a subway and the monster destroys stuff (the monster has wings sharp claws and has something to do with a necklace idk)

its like a hallway i think somewhere a guy is like hiding in a room and the monster scratched the door and made a hole so there the character has a tense feeling whether he was going to be found or not

and then theres a rooftop scene where the monster flies around theres a girl and a guy and the necklace is hers and the monster tries to steal it from her ?(maybe its the other way around cause i dont really remember ) i think and the roof had alot of pipes (i forgot to mention that the monster looks like a demon of some sort )

well thats all i could remember i hope that someone could think of the name of this movie with so little info but thanks to anyone who knows it 🙂

4 thoughts on “this movie contains a monster, know the movies name?

  1. part of this sounds like “The Equinox”(1970), a scene I remember is at the end of a guy in a hospital begging them not to take his cross because it protects him from a flying demon.

  2. Sounds a bit like Q the Winged Serpent, but no necklace I don’t think, but some Aztec demon shenanigans so maybe……

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