This has been etched into my memory for 15+ years

I was 5 or 6 and at my friend’s house and his grandpa was watching this movie my parents wouldn’t let me watch.

This man is staring down into what looked like a grave hole for a coffin at this young man who kind of looked like Luke Skywalker who was wearing a now bloodied white button down shirt, holding a gun with a blank stare. Then this helicopter comes and a guy in military garb shoots Luke Skywalker from the helicopter. As this is going on this older woman is screaming “Henry!” a few times.

5 thoughts on “This has been etched into my memory for 15+ years

    1. I wouldn’t have thought it was a sci-fi movie, but I’ll watch it for sure and provide an update! At the very least it looks like a good movie, thanks for the help

    2. Just saw a still of George segal in the movie and it’s definitely the one. Thanks a lot! Still probably going to watch it out of curiosity

  1. Wow! Good call on that Tom. I just saw a picture of that scene and it looks uncannily like the OP’s description. Segal’s hair even looks like Luke Skywalkers, but has George Segal ever looked young(lol)?

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