Ghost story

There’s an old one I got to see just once as a kid.
Dude takes a bet to survive one nite in a mansion. So, he’s there thinking he’s alone and all these people show up. Remember two real well. A girl he falls I love with and some scientist.
Scientist talking at one point shows experiment where he’s talking about how long something can live, cuts the head off a snake, tells dude to try to pick up snake head and dude almost gets bit.
Another scene he’s with the girl in bed laying his head in her chest and jumps up worried cause he can’t hear her heartbeat.
End of show he walks out stands by the mansion gates and it slams on him with the spikes stabbing him in the back. He loses the bet but gets the girl

16 thoughts on “Ghost story

  1. “Web of the Spider”(1971)?
    Antonio Margheriti’s color remake of his movie under the pseudonym of Anthony M. Dawson.

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