The Scary Lady Gothic Angel and 2 Girls

I remember watched this film on my television around early 2000 (it might not accurate), I didn’t finish the whole plot but I do really curious about this strange movie, so here some parts of the plot:

There is a strange building that seemed to be some kind of ruin, catacomb, or just deserted building with a strange figure sleep(facedown)on the center of the floor.
A boy/girl just come in then asked that White pale skinned lady wearing a black dress, “You’re still here?” (I dunno the precise line) then I believe that lady told the boy/girl that she is somekind of angel…

After that, the plot skipped into a pair of girls, seemed to be a sibling, walking near the stream, one of the girl actually facing the hard water stream by herself and told the younger girl, “I know how to find our parents! we are going to heaven!”

But the little girl was too scared and she didn’t follow the older girl drowning in the river (or maybe jump into waterfall I dunno).

I didn’t understand that the girl actually killed herself to escape the life and hope to find her death parents that time.

That’s all I can only remember, please help me, its bugging me over the years, I was too scared that time.. but now I really want to know that movie title.

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