The film about a professional fraudster

The movie was filmed around the 1980s: a crook hires 3 crooks to cheat the same crooks. it seems the main character and director of the film is one man.

The crook raised by his uncle (the uncle had a noticeable buckle on his belt). He hires three crooks to deceive other crooks. The scam succeeds. Deceived fraudsters buy hectares of land in the desert dearly after hearing that a shopping center will be built there. The real estate agency is fake, the blueprints for the construction site are fake too.
Hired and subsequently deceived scammers: a cool beautiful bright blonde, a brunette programmer, a tennis player – handsome gigolo. The blonde has a beautiful sports car and boasts that she was paid a thousand dollars for one night.

In the finale, the protagonist imitates his own murder using his uncle’s invention. To do this, he creates a supply of his own blood in the refrigerator.
I remember the phrase addressed to the uncle: “each of your next wife is younger and more beautiful than the previous one.”

I remember another phrase: “a cool fraudster will make you see what was not”

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