Teenage/Drama/Romance/Online safety/Suicide

I am breaking my head over this one, looking for the title of the movie that goes a little something like this.

The movie is about a teenage boy and girl who are friends. The boy’s parents are divorced and mom is soon to remarry a new guy, and he seeks distraction by playing online games in some sort of second life game where he can be someone else. His social world consists of the people he plays online games with, and his girl friend.

The girl has an overprotective mother who checks her phone and facebook every day.

His dad and her mom meet at a locale meeting where they are being informeren (and scared) about online safety. I think the mom cuts off her phone and social media and his dad cuts off his ability to play the online game and deletes the game and his account etc.

The boy tries to reach out to the girl, who obviously can not respons. The boy feels lonely and anxious and attempts suicide by taking an overdose of antidepressants / anxiety pills. The girl tries to rush towards him by bike like she always does, but the boy ends up in the hospital. The girl does not leave his side and he survives. …


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