Teen short stories?

I feel like this is going to be a toughie, it’s a movie made in the 2000’s possibly later 00’s but i watcher it when i was younger. It was a low budget movie from what i can remember because if I’m recalling correctly i bought it from the dollar store. These are the main things i remember.
– probably from 2005-1010 (could be earlier or slightly later but i doubt it
– it consited of short “stories”
-the person who introduced the stories was a teen and she was always in the dark with a type writer, i can’t recall if she was a detective or journalist
-these short films were young adult (but of the times when YA films)
-i think their may of been a few dvd’s with a couple stories on each one but had the same set up where this detective/jounalist girl would talk in between and each short.
-i remember that one of the short’s was about a guy that got this huge pimple and he tried putting creams on it and a band-aid (i think it exploaded in the end).
-another short was about a ball of some kids either going through the backyard or window of a scary old lady’s house (but i think it turned out she was blind or something and friendly.
Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. Sounds like the Canadian TV series called Incredible Story Studio ( 1997-2002 ). The girl was a “reporter”. I think she mentioned getting or having a “scoop” quite often. Each episode had two short vignettes which were written by the viewers at home. The majority involved either sci-fi or very lite horror ( emphasis on lite ) infused with a lot of humor. A few DVDs were made each having either 2 or 3 episodes each but the whole series was never made available on DVD.

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