Teen girl who love violin but injury caused her to not perform ??

Ok so look i watched this movie like during quarantine of 2019 and i really wanna watch it again. i’ve been trying to find it for like almost a year now!!

It’s a 90s-2000’s movie i believe. But it was really good. And it reminds me of My Girl 2 kind of

There was this girl around like 15 and she was at the mall with her mall then locked eyes with this boy coming down the escalator. After i think him and his family moved in her neighborhood next to her or something like that.

She had a BIG crush on him but he didn’t really have the same feelings back towards her but his little brother had a major crush on her. She didn’t like the little brother because of his age but she was his friend and was hanging out with him i think

She played the violin and her teacher was played by Vivica A Fox if i’m not mistaken. she was like another mother to her. She wanted to join this art school but she had to audition to get in. One day she was at her house with friends and family and she fell out her window and her neck was broke so she had to be at the hospital. Since she couldn’t make it for audition, the little brother who has a crush in her and his older brother brought a video or a tape of her playing the violin to the audition so she could hopefully make it.

I THINK she had a stepmom who is pregnant and was at the same hospital as well and she had a baby or i may be mixing up my girl 2 with it. BUT PLS HELP LOL

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