Surreal art-house film, possibly Eastern European, partially in black and white

I saw a couple of scenes from this film on TV and found myself thinking about it later and would like to go back and watch it.

The two scenes I remember (vaguely) are:

  • An elderly man (sort of Italian grandad type of look) on a soccer pitch (which may have been on a cliff?) – the location looks fairly bleak and could possibly be Balkan/ Eastern European. It’s a very slow moving scene and basically the man is moving very slowly (I think threatening to kick the ball but never doing it?) and nothing really happens.
  • A young man (I think a skinhead) is in an Adidas (?) tracksuit (I remember it being blue so this scene might be in colour?) – appears to be Eastern European or Russian looking. I think his ears are pierced. He begins to foam at the mouth.

OK – not a lot to go on…. if you know the movie I’m describing (possibly incorrectly or poorly) please let me know!

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