1970s-80s Horror Film involving what I believe are zombies

I have been searching for the name of this movies for years now! I believe at very beginning, there is a scene where two women and a baby are inside a house. They are frightened and try to call a taxi. You see a the zombie-like creature stick his fingers slowly through the air vent, which is located on the bottom of the wall on the floor. It grabs one of the women’s ankles & pulls her through the small vent, folding her in half I believe?
I recall later on a group of people are gathered in a church trying to get away from the “zombies”.
I want to say that the point behind the story was that the main character played a role in what was happening around them. I want to say that he later finds out something (I’m not sure what) that ties him in through his genealogy?

If anyone has any idea please share because I’m dying to find out!

Thank you!!

8 thoughts on “1970s-80s Horror Film involving what I believe are zombies

  1. Some of your description doesn’t quite match, but some of it reminds me of
    “The Unseen”(1981)
    ‘The unseen figure eventually begins to pull Vicki into a floor vent when she tries to escape. The grate of the vent slams down on her neck, killing her.’

  2. I recently came across The Unseen thinking that maybe that was it, but I don’t believe it is 🙁 thank you for your help!

  3. You responded to the other two guesses within the day and they were wrong, so I assume by not responding to my guess that it is the one, hopefully?

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