Strange Movie Memory From My Childhood

When I was about eight (2007), I watched a movie on Christmas day with my family. I can only remember one scene, but it is so vivid in my memory! It might be a Lifetime or ABC movie, but I can’t recall. Here is what I remember;

Two boys are riding their bikes around a park. One of them rides out of the shot and the other is riding near a white brick building. The one riding near the building suddenly hits a rock or a crack in the ground, and he shoots off of his bike, head first, into the white brick building. His friend sees and comes running over to where the other fell to the ground. He picks up the fallen boy and asks if he is alright, when a single line of blood falls down his friends head. The boy beings to cry and scream for help, and then the scene changes.

That’s all I can remember, I hope somebody can find it, I have searched everywhere for it and I can’t find a single thing on it!

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