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Help me to remember this movie’s name

Hi ,
I’ve been searching a lot in the internet about a movie I’ve seen long time a go (probably 10 years ago) but I couldn’t find a source could you help me !
The movie starts with a boy and his pregnant mother on a cruise , then the mother gives birth to a baby girl and dies the next day on the ship due to bleeding and her body was thrown into the sea , after that the boy and girl grew up and developed kind of feelings for each other that’s what I remember hope you could help me I’ll appreciate it a lot.
(PS I probably think it was a foreign movie may be French or something not sure )

Thriller (or crime) movie about a young woman

It’s about a young woman who meets a man with a dark secret.

He’s holding his ex-girlfriend (or even ex-fiancé) hostage in a lab that he hides under his living room (door to that is under the couch). She’s in a coma he induced her in.

He wants to harvest the organs of the young woman for his ex.

I forgot the title, please help.

The movie is from the 2000s, maybe early 2010s.

1990s or 1980s film about an abusive relationship and a pregnant wife escaping her husband, but he tracks her down

I saw this film in the 1990s. I’m sure the main character was blonde and became a teacher. She was in an abusive marriage and managed to escape and start a new life. She was pregnant with her husband’s child and went on to have the child. He tracks her down and even takes her own father to prove it is her. The father knows it’s her, but denys it to protect his daughter. It was in colour and I saw it on TV. I have a feeling she was called Rachel. I’d love to see this film again, if anyone can help please! Thanks x

Indian or Hindi movie

I watched a movie in the early 90s but I’m sure it’s older than that 70s-80s maybe. It was an old woman telling the story of her life. It was set in India I believe. A few scenes I remember is 1) a boy gets his hand chopped off for stealing 2) she’s taken to a convent type place and there is one of those huge community baths but it was really lavish and 3) another woman kills her baby and the woman is thrown into a bag and tossed off a cliff into the ocean as punishment.  The Woman telling the story was married multiple times i believe. I know this is vague but its all I remember. Any help is appreciated.

Horror movie name ?

Hi, i’ve been looking for this movie for a long time so basically i think it was around 2001-2005 (it’s in english and in color).I don’t remember the actors but i remember that the killer was tall and skinny and i think was in high school. The scenes that i can remember are :  a girl (i think) is in her car and sees the serial killer in her rear mirror, the end scene ends up with the serial killer killing himself in front of a house (on the lawn) by scratching his face to death with i think pieces of glass or his fingers could cut or something  ( kinda like freddy kruger but that’s not him or the movie) and he’s bleeding profusely..sorry if it’s vague i was kinda young when i saw it and i really want to find it , anyone ?

Can’t remember…

Hey, so, I need help finding the title of a horror movie where the main issue is something like: the more you think about it, the sooner it will come to kill you. It mostly involves college students and a professor, I think. Someone finds some bit of folklore or some writing and starts  thinking about whether it could be true and about the creature/ ghost thing itself, then it becomes real, starts following them and kills them. Then this professor comes in trying to find answers along with some of the kid’s college buddies and they all end up dying because of their curiosity of this thing. I think it ends with some info about it being leaked to the internet and so people from all over the place think about it and die from it. The movie’s in English and I think set somewhere in America, but I’m not 100% sure. Movie was in color, and I think I watched it on Netflix or something several years ago. Thanks 🙂

Athletes held hostage?

I cannot for the life of me remember this movie but here goes the description. I was in elementary school when I saw it so somewhere between 94-2001. In it was a small group of athletes who were kidnapped and held hostage… i can’t remember if it was both boys and girls or all girls but it was a small group maybe of 6 or so and they were all in like white work out zip ups like the warms you tend to see in the Olympics and appropriate for the 90’s era. They were held in this abandoned place and behind bars, at one point I want to say the place they were held started filling up with water and then another scene was one of the bad guys dragged one of the athletes out of the cell and takes her up on this cliff and holds her up over his head, big muscular dude and petite girl looks like a gymnast if I could guess. And I always want to believe Tom cruise was in it and maybe mission impossible type movie but I can’t figure it out! Thanks for any insight!

Strange Movie Memory From My Childhood

When I was about eight (2007), I watched a movie on Christmas day with my family. I can only remember one scene, but it is so vivid in my memory! It might be a Lifetime or ABC movie, but I can’t recall. Here is what I remember;

Two boys are riding their bikes around a park. One of them rides out of the shot and the other is riding near a white brick building. The one riding near the building suddenly hits a rock or a crack in the ground, and he shoots off of his bike, head first, into the white brick building. His friend sees and comes running over to where the other fell to the ground. He picks up the fallen boy and asks if he is alright, when a single line of blood falls down his friends head. The boy beings to cry and scream for help, and then the scene changes.

That’s all I can remember, I hope somebody can find it, I have searched everywhere for it and I can’t find a single thing on it!