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Hello friends, I have returned after a long time. Sadly my two prior movie memories still has no takers. Lets move on the third one.

This one I have the least memory of but can testify its being late 80s/ early 90s; lots of flashy red and bluish-indigos through a foggy lens. It seems like a horror-thriller and involves two hitmen like characters, one of whom has a very scary face. But they are not the main characters nor villains.

There is one scene, when these two walk into a house wielding automatic rifles or SMGs where lots of people have gathered, and naturally cause panic. One lady screams on seeing the scary face causing him to fire warning shots.

Another scene, the climax or penultimate. A smaller house where a lot of scared people have blockaded themselves in from zombies or cannibalistic aliens and there is a pretty little boy (this one might be the lead cast) who seems the least scared. Them this hitman duo turn up in their bikes, shoot the place and the zombies/aliens down and rescue the rabbits, sorry people. The little boy very bravely runs after them and mumbles his gratitude. The non-scary one then acknowledges his thanks and hands over something liked a medallion or similar talisman and tells him to take care. Then they drive on again for the next shootout zone maybe. THE END.

And there my memory ends too.

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        1. Yes thank you. “Kill crites!” Lol again to point out the question about a “Deadly duo” was initially not in it. I don’t get when people show criticism instead of gratitude for whatever help they receive.

          1. I was not criticizing anybody here just was in a doubt about the answer.
            Afterwards I checked out the review and was convinced.

            Very grateful to you all and an apology for anybody offended here.

            Admin please mark my query SOLVED.

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