Raw Chicken Breast with Knife Movie

So I was watching Poltergeist under the assumption that this scene was in it, but now that I’ve discovered that it’s not I’m really bothered and Google won’t give me anything besides chicken recipes.

I don’t remember the scene context — just kind of a still image of a whole chicken (like one you’d bake at Thanksgiving, Head gone wings whatever whatever) and it’s holding a big kitchen knife. The scene itself is similar in lighting and color to the kitchen in Poltergeist with the meat coming to life (thunder possibly) but then again memory is weird and this may not be in a horror movie.

I can confirm this is not Poultrygeist, despite the weird connection.

I was definitely very young when I saw it (so probably an 80s or 90s movie).

I saw it on TV but I’m pretty sure it was a film, not entirely sure though.

Anyways, this is really bizarre and I can’t figure it out. Looking forward to hearing responses!

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