Stock broker helped by an angel pretending to be the devil

The movie (possibly a TV-movie, or even an episode on a show, but I think it is a movie) is in English, I’m thinking 80s or 90s.

The main character is a stock broker who is in some kind of trouble, and is approached by a girl who claims she is the devil (or working for the devil) and that she can help him if he sells his soul to the devil. The guy agrees. When she goes to report back to her “boss”, her “boss” is a homeless man (maybe blind) who asks her why she is pretending to be the devil instead of saying she is a guardian angel, and she tells him it’s because people tend to believe it more. Her homeless “boss” is actually God.

The movie ends with the stock broker loosing his house, and his colleagues buy it for him in an auction.

Anyone knows this movie?

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  1. Thanks for the replies, but its not Bedazzled nor Hunk.

    I just thought of two more details that might help. I think her name in the movie was Nicky. The stock exchange part of the movie has something to do with the price of the wheat and that if it goes under a certain value it gets in some big trouble, and of course the price goes under that value, so they end up sending a bunch of trucks loaded with wheat to the stock broker’s house and dump the wheat on his driveway. That is all I can remember.

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