Startin to think it don’t exist or I remember wrong

It was early 80’s, cheap color, english. Group of youngsters find remote cabin. A family lives there (not American Gothic) let them stay, maybe for the night. I recall a couple in one room, get killed. It was very dark lit all around. I think there is a redhead with short hair, dies too. They all start being killed except a girl with long blond hair, I think, who survives. Thinks she escapes first by running through a forest, a man is after her. Keep thinking she climbs a steep cliff to get away, by this time, it’s dawn. She is crossing some bridge, at the end, I think there’s a security guard. By this time, I think she’s so hysterical I believed she gone mad and may have attacked him. I think she was limping but may have mixed that with Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Not sure if this security guard was good or bad. Or if she killed him. But think he grabs her and comforts her and takes her to safety. Or maybe the guy chasing her kills him and then she kills him. Something like that. It’s weird how I’m not sure which ending it is, but feel it’s the one where the guy may have killed the guard and she kills the guy chasing.

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