Star Trek TOS episode

I can only remember a small part – this is from the Star Trek Old Series, I thought somewhere in the middle of the series, but Im not sure, and in the episode the landing party is on a planet and it appears that someone had died, I thought Kirk or McCoy said it was Chekov. Kirk and Dr McCoy are very visibly upset and McCoy is as usual needling Spock because he isn’t as upset as everyone else and his lack of emotions etc, and Spock makes a comment to the effect of “You forget that I am also half human.”



And thank you!


6 thoughts on “Star Trek TOS episode

    1. It was Spectre of the Gun! Thank you so much! Finally my mind can rest. Thank you for your help! Im gonna go watch the others you mentioned too!

      1. Yaaaay!!!! A Star Trek TOS solve! I love the old original series! Thank you very much for coming back and giving us a confirmation of the solve!

        1. Thank you for the help! It was such a long shot, since McCoy and Spock banter all the time lol. Love the series too, it was the best. I wasn’t opposed to watching the whole thing to find the episode, but it was driving me insane lol. So grateful you found it!

          Yay for the Solve!

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