Space Prison Anime Series

Okay, my last two posts were solved relatively fast so I figured I would try this.

I saw the pilot episode of a sci-fi anime with a cop/bounty hunter/spy hero. His sidekick is a tomboy type women with cropped red hair often mistaken for male. In the first episode they travel to a location with a large prison population. For some reason the female dons a disguise and tries to mix in with the male prisoners.  I remember her being threatened or singled out by the prisoners who suspected she was a woman or an effeminate looking male. A fight may have broken out.

There is a female warden. I think she may torture prisoners. She’s greedy as well, lives in luxury while the rest of the prison is largely uncared for.

The hero finds a sort of underground cave/cavern and he can see that a large creature is responsible for keeping the planet prison running. I think the creature tries to attack him. He may have gained powers in the process.

It seemed like it was made in the 1980s. Most likely not for children. I remember it being quite violent and some nudity. Overall dark mood similar to Wicked City.

Any hints would be much obliged. Thank you 😀

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    1. No not dead leaves. I kept getting this result using buzzwords but this looked a bit more like “standard” anime.

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