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2000s Disney (mini)series about a teen scientist & nuclear family

Sorry it’s not a movie, but I’ve been racking my brain for years to find this and your site has always been so helpful. A show aired in the mid 2000s with a bookish red-head girl as the lead. I think she really liked plants or animals, something along those lines. She had a stepbrother who was supposed to be cooler and always cracked jokes (I swear he was on Degrassi, but not sure). The series may have been Canadian and had a quirky vibe. It was never really popular iirc and may have been on for like a season or 2. Not Life with Derek.

Help if you can!

Arthouse Movie w/ Black (Victorian?) Female lead holding Knife

I’ve seen images of the movie, but I cannot recall where. The lead of the film is a dark skinned black woman with a Victorian looking outfit (hair pinned up and a black dress with long sleeves and a tall collar, like this or this). Her face is either serious looking or kinda unhinged. Her eyes look like shes just been crying or is fighting back tears. Her posture is always very rigid looking in the stills and she stares directly into the camera. In some of the stills shes holding a knife. In others, she’s in a white room (maybe kitchen). I think I remember pics of her on stairs as well??

The pics look grainy, maybe mid 1970s to 1980s. Not sure if this is a full length movie or short. Its probably not that well known :/

It looks sooo interesting so if anybody has an idea or guess I’d appreciate you sharing ๐Ÿ˜€ B)

2010’s Italian Family Dark Comedy

I saw the trailer for a movie about an Italian family that is kept locked in their home by the father. It looks like a modern style home. The clothing looked a bit outdated, if I remember correctly. Late 70s early 80s maybe. I think each of the family members has bizarre habits brought on by the fact that they are more or less cut off from society. I think eventually the family members snap. The movie did well at major festivals and came out sometime within the past 4-5 years. Any ideas at all are appreciated! ๐Ÿ˜€ 8)

Space Prison Anime Series

Okay, my last two posts were solved relatively fast so I figured I would try this.

I saw the pilot episode of a sci-fi anime with a cop/bounty hunter/spy hero. His sidekick is a tomboy type women with cropped red hair often mistaken for male. In the first episode they travel to a location with a large prison population. For some reason the female dons a disguise and tries to mix in with the male prisoners. ย I remember her being threatened or singled out by the prisoners who suspected she was a woman or an effeminate looking male. A fight may have broken out.

There is a female warden. I think she may torture prisoners. She’s greedy as well, lives in luxury while the rest of the prison is largely uncared for.

The hero finds a sort of underground cave/cavern and he can see that a large creature is responsible for keeping the planet prison running. I think the creature tries to attack him. He may have gained powers in the process.

It seemed like it was made in the 1980s. Most likely not for children. I remember it being quite violent and some nudity. Overall dark mood similar to Wicked City.

Any hints would be much obliged. Thank you ๐Ÿ˜€

2014-15 South American Arthouse Drama

Hello all,

I saw a poster for a Spanish or Portuguese (independent) film about I believe two migrant workers male and female who fall in love. One of the promo images show the leads laying together nude in a pile of coconuts. The location is tropical maybe Brazil, but I’m not so sure the trailer was in Portuguese.

It reminded me of Betty Blue in tone. The leads were dark skinned (I’m pretty sure the woman was) possibly afro-latino.

Please help if you can the movie looked so interesting. I’d love to see it someday ๐Ÿ™‚

1960s-70s Political (Presidential) Farce

I saw this presidential spoof movie on TCM about 6 years ago, most likely originally from the 70s. It was in color. I remember two scenes.

In one scene the protagonist is on a house boat I think it was yellow. I believe he may have been choosing clothes at some point. I remember him talking to someone as he walked throughout the boat.

In another scene I think he tries to reach out to hippies. He tries drugs and makes love in the grass with one maybe two women.

I saw this on TV so nothing explicit, but I remember the humor being very dry and adult.

Foriegn Film about 3 Strangers in an Apartment

Movie from ย the early 2000s I believe about three people living in an apartment but never running into each other. One woman and two men are in the apartment. The woman is the realtor or owner of the apartment and at least one of the guys is a squator/homeless. It is a Korean or Chinese film I think. Art house flick… I think it won a few awards from film festivals like Cannes. Help if you can! ๐Ÿ˜€