Space fiction about a ship that cannot be controlled

Help me please. I’ve been looking for a science fiction film for several years and still can’t find anything. He is old, maybe before 2000.
I don’t remember the plot, but the events take place on a spaceship. There were some explosions and part of the ship, including the control cabin, exploded. There seems to be a pilot who died there. The team was stuck in a large room, where in the center there was some kind of hatch, from which it was drawing heat. The ship cannot be controlled, air and products are running out. The air was in cylinders, they tried to share it, but then it became clear that someone was stealing the air. Gradually, many die. A girl or a guy was sitting in a blanket near this hatch. They seem to fly to the star and cannot change the course of the ship or toward the sun. It seemed to be near the end.
I don’t remember if there were aliens there, but it seems that there weren’t.

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  1. There was also an earlier version of Lifepod from 1981, and I think both are available on YouTube. Below is the 1993 version.

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