South american monster movie

I have some vague memories of a movie iv’e been trying to track down for’s what I have.

  1. it was in the 80’s. a woman in a jungle or rain forest in the rain talking into a tape recorder about pygmies. something in the jungle was watching her.
  2. the creatures only came out at night I think and didnt like fire. they attacked a ranch or plantation where the woman was staying. lots of guys with torches. and there were horses. i think they spooked the horses and thats how they knew the monsters were outside.
  3. the monsters were human sized maybe a little smaller and lizard/reptile like.

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  1. I believe i answered this post a while ago and if it is a new post I also answered Dance of the Dwarfs (1983)? AKA Jungle Heat. Mine was ever confirmed .

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