Some kind of Cinderella-based movie

Hi! I’ve been thinkin about this movie a lot recently and I can´t seem to remember which was its name. To begin with, I watched that movie on TV here in Mexico, but for what I can remember about the aesthetic and the style of the story I know that it wasn’t a mexican movie, maybe an American or Brittish one.

I can remember that it was about a girl that lived with some relatives on a farm. She was orphan and had to do the chores on the house. His relatives had a daughter that didn’t do anything and of course, the protagonist did everything for her, including knitting her a pair of socks for the winter. She was ordered to do it before the sunrise, but she was running out of time so she went and begged their rooster not to sing with the sunrise. The rooster told her that he couldn’t do anything to help her so she had to ask the sun no to rise until she was finished.

At some point of the movie, the girl goes to the forest and finds a prince (I seem to remember) that gives her a chest with treasures. Her relatives get jelous and send their daughter too, but she comes back with a chest full of (I don’t remember if they were crows or pigs…something like that)…

I don’t really remember much else, but I know it had a happy ending. I only saw it one time about 15 years ago and I would like to know if someone else rememebers it.


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  1. It’s a Russian film called “Jack Frost”(1964) AKA “Morozko” AKA “Father Frost”
    ‘…The lovely, humble Nastya is despised by her stepmother who favors her own mean-spirited and ugly daughter, Marfushka. Her meek father is powerless to stop his wife. After forcing Nastenka to knit socks before the rooster crows (with Nastya ultimately imploring the sun to go down again so she can have more time)…’

    You can watch it here:

    1. OH GOD THANK YOU!! I CAN’T BELIEVE IT!! <3 That's the movie I'm talking about. I'm so happy to see it again.

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