Sniper movie late 2000s early 2010s maybe?

Hmmm, my comment didn’t get posted for some reason, here we go again!

The movie starts with a sniper shooting what seems to be random targets out of a van. The targets are (from what I can remember) A woman and her daughter, a man with flowers and/or a ring, a woman with a ring and/or flowers, and a guy with a popcorn or hotdog stand. He makes the shots then gets in the van and drives away. The police are called in and one of the main characters, a female FBI or Police officer contacts another sniper she knows, the other main character. She talks to him to consult on how the shot was made and why the bad sniper did it. Later you find out that the targets the sniper killed were actually all made for very specific reasons and weren’t just random targets.

5 thoughts on “Sniper movie late 2000s early 2010s maybe?

    1. This is the movie though, with Tom Cruise, not the TV Show, which I’m guessing from your comment, is pretty much the same story. I just can’t watch episodic stuff, I prefer movies, because it has a direct start and a direct end, unless there’s a sequel planned.

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