Smaller movie with sister getting married

I am trying to remember a movie which I think was probably around 10 years ago possibly two years in either direction. In the movie, which is a smaller movie, there is a family wedding. One sister is getting married and another sister who is sort of the black sheep of the family comes home. I believe the  wedding is held at the family home, which I remember being white. The black sheep sister is somewhat golf like, definitely has black hair, and has some mental health issues. She deafly smokes a lot in the movie. The movie was very funny, but not in a deliberate comedic ha ha laugh out loud sort of way . Help!

3 thoughts on “Smaller movie with sister getting married

  1. i had the same description of this movie!
    trying to tell my partner about it so we could find it to watch- we came across this and it was so funny that someone used the same words to describe the movie

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