Skinemax Movie 90s/early 00s

The movie was a softcore movie on Cinemax late at night. It started off with an orgy on a boat.  The plot was that this guy is a techie/computer programmer who has a girlfriend and then he starts working for this big tech company.  His boss is the owner of the company and has him do corporate espionage where he pretends to date this short haired blonde woman, and they go on a date with this couple where the husband works for a competing company.  The other guy has a threesome with the blonde woman and his wife while the main character steals some tech secrets.  Later the main character has sex with his boss’s wife after a meeting with the boss, and later starts having an affair with the friend of the boss’s wife.  It might have been dubbed?  I can’t find this movie anywhere and it’s driving me crazy!

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