Sixities or early seventies Spy/Sci fi movie

I seen this in the late 70s on ABC all night at the movies.  I don’t remember much except a part where the lead person in movie is inside a building and there are many domed table/containers with pinkish items inside.  They where some kind of bacterial weapon.  Remembering how the special effects looked I would think the movie was made in the sixties or early  seventies.

2 thoughts on “Sixities or early seventies Spy/Sci fi movie

  1. “Escape” (1971 TV movie)?
    It was an ABC movie, I think, and involved a scientist creating a virus. The whole movie can be seen on YouTube, I posted it below. I can’t tell if the things are pinkish, though, because the color is faded, but you can see the dome with the thing inside at 55:10.

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