single father & his daughter (drama/thriller)

I have no idea how old the movie is, it’s not old, like, 20 years, but 10 maybe. The main character is about 40-50 years old, daughter is young, maybe 7-8. He is in some kind of trouble. He gets some jacket via mail with an unsigned note telling him he’ll need it in the future. From that point on movie gets pretty interesting, I remember I was fascinated how all the details added up in the end. He dies in the end and his daughter then has that important thing he was working on or maybe trying to hide from someone… I guess my memory of the whole plot is distorted, but I think most of the details are pretty accurate. Also, I think the title of the movie had 2 or 3 words in it. And I doubt the actors are super famous. That’s all I can remember. I’ve been trying to find this movie forever, help!

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