Short film played between movies on old IFC or Sundance channel

The film starts with a young man in a job interview, while the interviewer is talking, a fly lands on the young man’s hand.  The screen then splits, showing two versions of the young man.  In one, he swats and kills the fly, and in the other, he just brushes it away.  In the version where he kills the fly, the hiring guy says “That’s the kind of stone cold killer we need around here…Mr Vice President?”  In the other, he annoyedly says “Ever interned?”  THe split screen remains as the guy is giving the young man a tour.  On the “killed the fly” side, everything he shows him is all wonderful and everything a young man could hope for.  On the “shooed the fly away” side, everything he shows him is awful things, even leading to some giant monster that he has to feed raw meat to, and the boss says “you’re not a virgin, right?”, implying the monster was something to which virgins are sacrificed.  At the end of the interview/tour, our guy emerges from the building, with “kill side” guy looking happy and full of hope, while “shoo side” guy looks dejected.  As they step out toward the street, something falls on our guy’s head in both screens/scenarios, and it’s assumed he dies.  Credits roll.  This short film used to play frequently between movies on either the old IFC or Sundance channel.  I want to say it was around 2006-2011, but I’m not positive.  I can’t remember a title or any of the actors.  Any help would be appreciated!

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