Well folks I’m back again! This time looking for an upcoming puppet movie.

Well I thought I posted this a few days ago, but I guess it got deleted or maybe I forgot to hit post or something. I’ve seen this trailer a few times for an upcoming movie with puppets. It’s rather gory and violent. In the trailer it says something to the tune of, been in the works for 10 to 20 years and it’s finally happening. It’s been a pet project of a special effects guy or creative director, something like that and he’s finally found the time to make it happen. Weird movie, but right up my alley. It’s not Dead Silence, Meet The Feebles, Happy Time Murders, Benny Loves You, I feel like I missing one or two that I tagged the first time I posted this. Anyways, it’s an upcoming film or it might have been just recently released. I keep meaning to write the name of it down when I see it, but I always get sidetracked. Thanks!

5 thoughts on “Well folks I’m back again! This time looking for an upcoming puppet movie.

    1. I’m not too big into Festivals and Cons, but I just noticed that the one you mentioned, without getting too personal, is in the Southern Regions. Are you from that area, because I am too. I’m not going too go too much more into detail than that, and if you don’t want to answer that’s totally fine, but I figured, for some dumb reason, that the admins for this page were across the pound, over in the UK somewhere, seems to be a lot of movie buffs there. Also is 366 Weird Movies attached to umm, this website. Again trying to keep things anonymous, hopefully you get what I mean. I was clicking around and noticed that, wasn’t trying to get into anyone’s personal business. I couldn’t find any way to DM/PM anyone, otherwise I would’ve done that.

  1. I am in the USA. This site was spun off from 366 Weird Movies because people kept asking these kind of questions there, pushing things off topic, and I thought there needed to be a whole site devoted to this concept.

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