Short Film about a Painter living in a Loft with a young student.

I have been looking for this short film that I believe was one short of several other shorts that were not connected but together were part of a film. Within this one particular short film, we follow a Painter that lives an a loft with a younger woman that i believe is a student, and it takes place in the city, I think New York. The actor that plays the painter is a recognizable actor, he wears large thick glasses. The younger woman is also a well known actress. He is always painting to classic rock music, I specifically the song “Whiter shades of pale”. Its been awhile so I can’t remember specific plot action, but there is a sexual intrigue that is one sided which causes conflict eventually leaving the two to part ways. I watched this in my film class in college, and I remember the movie was made awhile ago, but was not black and white, maybe late 80’s. Hope this helps, Thank you.

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  1. You’re describing the first segment of New York Stories, directed by Martin Scorcese with Nick Nolte and Rosanna Arquette.

  2. Thank you, thats it! Life Lessons! I really enjoyed this short films cinematography, and have been wanting to watch it again for so long. Thanks again.

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