Seen on youtube free movies – sci-fi – man gives birth

Watched this movie on youtube’s free movies around 2012. It was low budget either a B movie or a very similar .

Plot – A man who i think was a doctor (worked in a lab) was exposed to some foreign mass i think a meteor or similar and a growth started to develop on him. Turns out this is a parasite and he eventually gives birth to a creature with several limbs. The creature is taken away, but the man fights for the right for it to be released under some sort of human rights or parental rights – I believe the main point of the movie was to discuss the rights of a child (or lack of) if it was not technically a human (half human/half alien) – I think the title of the movie was a word that defined this but I cannot remember it at all. There is a court case where the creature is in fact released into the control of the man (father).


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