70s movie or TV episode about brothers with an ESP link defusing a bomb


— This could be a TV episode, or a movie, don’t know.

— It has got to be from the 70s or late 60s.  It had that look they all had — think Dirty Harry movies like The Enforcer, or TV shows like the Bionic Woman or Streets of San Francisco.  Probably had Lalo Schifrin music.  I saw it when I was a kid, so it couldn’t have been later than 1982 or saw when I saw it on TV (and could have been up to 5 years earlier than that).

— I’m not sure what it all about overall, but it had two brothers (twins?  pretty sure they were brothers anyway) that were linked via ESP, i.e. the brothers could read each other’s minds over a distance.

— There was a scene where there was a bomb that needed to be defused — I remember it being up in the air on a telephone pole or a power pole, but am not sure about that part.  So one brother is on the pole, diffusing the bomb.  The other brother is in another location looking at a bomb blueprint or something. But instead of the usual walkie-talkie “cut the blue wire” type of thing, the one brother is just sending the other brother the info via his mind so the guy can defuse the bomb.


7 thoughts on “70s movie or TV episode about brothers with an ESP link defusing a bomb

    1. You’re right! I’m pretty sure it’s Episode #5 “Happening”

      Time is running short, and Richard lacks the technical knowledge to defuse the bomb. To make matters worse, Joss appears on the scene. Only the mysterious powers granted to the Champions can help now, and they come in subliminal flashes from Craig to Richard in a race against time…

  1. Wow, solved! I was able to find this episode on YouTube. Looks different than I remember, (more futuristic, more British), but that’s it. Wonder what it was doing on American TV late 70sish…

  2. Cool! I’m going to give the Solve to Livinghead for identifying the show, and I will give one to RiverSong for finding the exact episode.

  3. Thanks everyone, and to iveforgotten, there were a lot of great British shows I found on tv in the 70s, don’t know why but I’m glad to have found them.

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