secret organization that can manipulate space and/or time trying to stop a man

I saw a small part of what looked like either a movie or a show but I cannot seem to recall which. I saw it around evening time while in a hotel in Florida in early June 2014. I can’t remember if the channel it was airing on was either an HBO channel or Syfy channel. I remember seeing a guy who was restrained in a chair with other men who I think where dressed like the mafia. They were telling the guy that is in the chair that if he tells anyone that they exists that his memories week be erased. I also remember that the guy that was in the chair was trying to find this girl who he apparently has met in previous lives in the past, like they are always ment to be together no matter what life they are in. However the people that are dressed like the mafia are trying to stop the man from meeting her and they are using there powers to manipulate the space sound him to catch him. A few examples of the powers these people have would be like when they open a closet door it takes them to a street that they want to be at but when a normal person opens the closet door it’s just a normal closet. They can also manipulate machines I think? Like they seemed to induce a car crash when the man that is trying to find the girl tried to get in a taxi to get away but the men stopped the taxi by causing it to crash, almost killing him.

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