Searching for movie featuring scene with assassination and fake wheelchair driver

I’m looking for the name of a film, of which I only have one scene in my head and no other story: The scene takes place on a street in a big American city and contains 4 men, one of whom is black. One of them sits in a wheelchair and is pushed by a second of the four men. The man in the wheelchair has a blanket over his lap, as it is probably autumn in the city. The wheelchair itself is only a cover, because the man in the wheelchair can walk perfectly, which he impressively demonstrates by rising and pulling out a weapon. The whole spectacle of the men seems to be an assassination attempt on an older, chubby man in a suit, whom the four men kill in the course of the scene despite personal security and then flee. If I still have it right in my head, the assassination attempt will take place on a pedestrian crossing.

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