80’s-ish horror when I was really young

When I was very young, first or second grade (born in 83), I saw a movie I was not supposed to watch. It was on a borrowed VHS tape from family that used to record everything that came on during free HBO weekends. I think the movie was from around that time period, it was in color and in English…I don’t know who stared in it, probably not anyone note worthy.

It was some kind of scary movie where a group of highschool maybe even college kids went to stay in this haunted Mansion overnight… It scared the piss out of me when I was that young and I’ve always wanted to see it again but have no idea what the title was.

One of the big scenes I can remember is when one guy who was a big dickhead and not a ladies man at all gets all excited cuz he’s gonna get to make out with one of the girls (who he doesn’t know had been possessed) and they start frenching and then she bites his tongue out…

A cheerleader girl gets possessed too and takes off her top and draws on her boobs with lipstick…I think that’s from the same movie.

And I think it ended with two people getting out of the house and over the fence just as the sun was rising – a blonde girl and a black – I think… Again I was really young and I think this was all from the same movie.

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