Scifi/horror movie about evil ghost dog?

If I remember correctly, I saw this movie on television in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I am fairly sure it was on the Syfy channel but I could be wrong.

All I can remember is that there was an evil ghost dog in the movie that was black (possibly a rottweiler). In one scene, it keeps appearing in the back seat of a mans car and then in the road, vanishing before he runs it over, and it later kills him when he is home. The movie mainly centers around a woman with dark short hair. At the end of the movie, the dog becomes huge and appears to be a giant dog head floating over a house or building and it shoots some kind of lazer or orb into the woman’s head. In the ending scene we see the woman is paralyzed or in a coma because of this.  I am thinking that the title was something like “the evil within” or “the beast inside” but I can find NOTHING about it online. I do know that it is not any of the following: ghost dog way of the samurai, rottweiler, mans best friend, devil dog hound from hell

6 thoughts on “Scifi/horror movie about evil ghost dog?

    1. No, there was nothing mystical/supernatural about the plot itself, just an evil ghost dog appearing at random times to kill and becoming huge at the end. I also want to say that it was likely made in the 90s, or late 80s at the oldest.

      Also, I see that others are asking about it on Yahoo answers also but getting no real answers. So I know it is real and not something I dreamed lol.

  1. Hi will do you mean he posted this somewhere on this site or on another site? I’ll mark it Solved if I can track it down for sure.

    1. He asked it on the IMDb I Need to Know Board and said that was the answer. It was clearly the same poster over here. They listed all the movies it wasn’t and included my guess over here.

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