Scifi anthology movie

I saw this on TV in the early aughts (~2003?), but it was long enough that it’s probably a movie (or possibly a “movie” made up of combined episodes of some TV series I am unaware of).

  • English language
  • color
  • looked to be about mid-late 1990s, but possibly earlier.
  • I remember 2 segments, but there may have been more.

Segment 1:

A young woman receives notice that she has reached an age where she will be executed by her society. She freaks out, and decides to climb to the top of the gigantic skyscraper that they all live in, I forget why, but she believed that at the top floor she could access something to save herself. The bulk of the segment is just following her struggle to reach the top.When she gets there, she finds the leaders, and they tell her that the climb to the top was the test for proving she deserves to live, and joining the community as an adult.


Segment 2:

A middle-aged man thinks he will die soon, and is struggling to come to terms with his mortality. He has an android built that is his exact duplicate, programmed to be like him, with the intent that it will carry on his business and life after he himself has passed. He “tests” it by having it go on a date with his wife/girlfriend, to see if she can tell the difference between it and him; she doesn’t realize it wasn’t him. Later, when she realizes what he did, she becomes justifiably outraged, because of the lie, and also because she had had sex with the android that night, while thinking it was the man. I forget how this segment ends.

If there was a 3rd or 4th segment, I don’t remember them.

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