Sci fi villain

There’s a scene in the movie Snowpiercer that reminds me visually of a scene in another movie and I can’t remember what it is. This is the picture:


There’s another character, I’m pretty sure a villain, in an older sci fi movie who has a similar scene, except it’s a male character. He holds up little glasses or binoculars (or something similar) and is looking towards the camera. I think he may have red hair but I’m not certain. When Snowpiercer first came out in 2014 I remember other people making this comparison too, so it’s definitely older than that and I also remember that it’s in color. I’m not sure about language. I think it’s a well known movie, I just can’t place this scene.

2 thoughts on “Sci fi villain

  1. That’s straight up Terry Gilliam. You’re probably thinking Mr Warrenn (Ian Richardson) from Brazil. I find the shot much more reminiscent of the panel of doctors from 12 Monkeys though.

    1. Unfortunately it’s not Mr. Warrenn, although I was also thinking it seems like a Terry Gilliam movie. But I’ve looked at every movie of his I can think of that might have a scene like this and haven’t found it. I’m not sure if I was wrong or if I’m just missing it somehow. Thank you though!

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