“Sci-Fi” short movie set somewhere in an underground base in a desert

I saw this short about 5 years ago on Vimeo.

I believe the director was spanish (or columbian or… something like that).

The dialog in the movie was in spanish.

The movie had sort of a retro-futuristic look. Everything was minimalistic. The undeground building where it is set is minimally decorated. White walls or plain concrete facades. There is very little dialogue in the movie. At some point the main character starts discovering dirt/sand in his room. A little at first, until it slowly starts filling his room, but there is no visible source for this dirt, it just appears out of nowhere. I _think_ at one point his shower stops working, he takes the shower head off and some dirt falls out – not so sure about this one though.

The character gets distressed at some point (because of the dirt) and manages to leave the undeground building, only to emerge in what seems to be a desolate desert.

I can’t remember much else, apart from a clock used in the movie that was actually a Windows XP screensaver (it was white on black, extremely minimalist, and counted time using white blocks).

There isn’t much going on in the movie, the main character’s life being very monotonous and repetitive. The main character is always dressed in a white shirt.

That’s all I can remember. Many many thanks!

2 thoughts on ““Sci-Fi” short movie set somewhere in an underground base in a desert

  1. After 3 days of searching almost to the point of insanity, I found it.

    It’s called Circle One, directed by Cesar Pesquera

    See it here:

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