Sci-fi Horror/Action?

I saw this movie as a kid, early to mid 90’s. I’m pretty sure it was a sci-fi horror style movie because some of the movie occurred in space and I’m pretty sure it ended with the crew of the ship helping to save a village or world. The key part that stand out to me is at the beginning on the ship one of the crew members is bugging another one who happens to be a changeling of  sorts who then goes to change into the guy bugging him but ends up becoming a super hot model out of the dirty magazine the guy is reading

4 thoughts on “Sci-fi Horror/Action?

  1. Critters 2: The Main Course (1988). The shapeshifters were bounty hunters and turned out to be rather dark heroes. In the spaceship they were accompanied by the human from the first movie. Arriving on Earth, they used pictures to take on human forms, though the second bounty hunter reproduced a center-fold in a magazine — right down to the staple in her belly.

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