British, Late 90’s/Early 2000’s. Possible C4 program.. Drugs/Sex etc.

I  remember seeing this film when I was quite young so I am guessing this was late 90’s, early 2000’s. Anything from 1998-2004 I would say.

It was about a young teen girl who lived at home, she was a bit of a chav. She would often get drunk, take drugs etc. She used to sleep on random mattresses with men, I think she was a bit of a prostitute, got herself a pimp I think she slept in an empty carpark once.

I think in the end she maybe died of a heroin overdose. There was one scene where she wrote her mum a goodbye note on her bedroom wall, I think it involved swear words.

This is probably the worst description ever but maybe someone out there remembers it.

This was sort of a british documentary style film.

I recently watched a british film ‘fish tank’ which really reminded me of this so I thought it was worth a shot trying to retrace it?

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